Journey Between Two Worlds is honored to be included in The Eric Hoffer Book Award Grand Prize Short List! The Eric Hoffer Book Award has become one of the top literary awards for independent books, involving over 2,500 books, 25 all-inclusive categories, and nearly 200 judges. Journey Between Two Worlds reached the upper 10% of registrants. Thank you Eric Hoffer Book Awards! See the Eric Hoffer Award Grand Prize Short List here!

Additionally, Journey Between Two Worlds was awarded an Honorable Mention Award in the Eric Hoffer Book Awards Category of Memoir. 

Read The Eric Hoffer Award Review of Journey Between Two Worlds: 

Journey Between Two Worlds, Karola M. Schuette, Köehler Books – An honest and heartwarming memoir of one woman’s life, this book spans a war, two continents,  countless moves, and over forty years of true love. This serves as an invitation to peer into a remarkable life through intimate letters and journal entries. Beginning with the author’s formative years spent growing up in Germany during the Great Depression, it’s followed by World War II, which ironically brought love into the author’s life, forever altering its course. The inclusion of letters and journal entries from her late husband offers a delightful complement to the narrative. – The Eric Hoffer Award”